CEOs of large companies and small business owners alike are realizing the importance of physically and mentally healthy employees. Employers are now more educated on company wellness programs and how they benefit team members and the businesses they work for.

Employee wellness programs provide support and resources for the healthy living of staff, including senior management. Physical and mental health are a top priority, which fuels work efficiency and much more.

Company Wellness Programs

1. Improve employee engagement.

  • Encouragement of biometric screenings also creates a work environment that shows your employees you care and you need them around. 
  • Wellness coaches connect with each employee individually. Workers will feel needed and an important part of the company.
  • Leave positive messages on a message board that will be seen by all employees. You can also make a goal of the week or month. 

2. Reduce company health care costs.

  • Working with company wellness programs helps get your employees set up for biometric screenings or other health risk assessments. This offers staff members a concrete health framework to start from. 
  • Offer incentives such as gym memberships or health coaching. Where applicable, offer smoking cessation incentives.
  • Make health education a priority with ongoing health newsletter and weekly meal plans offered by select company wellness programs.
  • Overall, these efforts can reduce disability and workers’ comp costs because healthy people have fewer personal injuries. This leads to lower insurance premiums.

3. Improve employee morale.

  • Show your employees you care, and you appreciate them and their hard work. We suggest having delicious, but healthy snacks in common areas such as board rooms, lounges, and kitchens.
  • Customized wellness challenges can be created with the help of your company wellness program each month or quarter. The wellness challenge can focus on physical or mental health, or any other factor your company needs.

4. Decrease absenteeism.

  • Remember, healthy employees don’t miss work as often.
  • Creative wellness challenges can be made to be done during the workday on breaks. This encourages staff to be present and productive.

5. Have a strong and successful business.

  • In short, company wellness programs increase morale and translate to higher employee engagement and productivity.
  • Affordable health plans and fitness options translate to less staff turnover. Moreover, a focus on mental health shows employees they matter.

Company Wellness Programs for Employees

Accredited wellness companies like Engagement Health Group provide unparalleled professional support and expert resources to businesses and organizations.

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About the author

Jack Curtis

Jack Curtis is Founder and CEO of Corporate Health Partners (2002) and Co-Founder and CEO of Engagement Health Group (2022). With an ongoing commitment to making a difference in corporate health and well-being, Jack enjoys his long-term membership and Leadership Committee chair position at an industry Think Tank of thought leaders within employee health management, called Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO).

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