In the U.S., having a company employee wellness program can make a huge different when it comes to employee engagement. Employee wellness programs have gained traction in every industry from education to technology. Its name says it all. Workplace wellness programs focus on strengthening the physical and mental health of employees through customized methods.

A top priority of any CEO or small business owner should be employee health. Although, there are certain steps to establishing and maintaining this effectively. Professional support and resources are the most important tools for healthy and productive team members, even at the senior level. 

Benefits of an employee wellness program prove to positively affect ROI due to increased employee productivity and decreased absenteeism. 

Employee Wellness Program

Are you an employer who is dealing with high-turnover or staff absences? Do your employees seem to lack enthusiasm or drive? Whether your focus is physical health, mental wellness, or both, an employee wellness program is your company’s key to success. 

Show your employees they matter.

  • Offer employees healthy snack choices each month, possibly catering to different holidays or company events. 
  • Have the staff take part in a different wellness challenge each month or quarter. 
  • If possible, create flexible work hours.
  • Encouragement of health screenings also show your employees you care about their health, and you need them around. 
  • Leave positive messages on a message board that will be seen by all employees.
  • Make a goal of the week or month. This can be regarding physical or mental health. 

Create a foundation for success with your employee wellness program.

  • Give an incentive for employees to get a health risk assessment. This offers staff members basic steps or suggestions to start with. 
  • Conduct an organizational assessment to see where they stand professionally. 
  • Create a wellness committee and garner management support.
  • Offer gym memberships and health coaching.
  • Where applicable, offer incentives to quit smoking. Recently, there has been a drastic increase in cigarettes in certain states.
  • Have delicious, but healthy snacks and beverages lying around like fresh fruit, granola, and hot tea. Have you ever had an employee claim a bad start to the morning? Help make the morning brighter.

Have a successful business.

  • Creative wellness challenges can be made to be done during the workday on breaks. This encourages staff to be present, engaged, and productive.
  • Keep in mind, healthy and happy employees aren’t absent as much as unhealthy or unhappy ones.

Corporate Wellness Companies

Selecting the right employee wellness program to meet your company’s goals and objectives cannot be done single handedly by senior leadership. Get the help you need to determine goals and objectives.

With the help of Engagement Health Group (EHG), organizations and companies can offer more than a paycheck. EHG is the top choice for customized employee wellness programs for large chain corporations or a single store business.

We help you develop incentives for participation, communicate the wellness plan to employees, and achieving measurable results. 

Get your staff back on track with wellness programs that focus on complete health, while achieving greater company financial success. Our services offer a wide range of solutions. Start today. 

About the author

Jack Curtis

Jack Curtis is Founder and CEO of Corporate Health Partners (2002) and Co-Founder and CEO of Engagement Health Group (2022). With an ongoing commitment to making a difference in corporate health and well-being, Jack enjoys his long-term membership and Leadership Committee chair position at an industry Think Tank of thought leaders within employee health management, called Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO).

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