Virtual Health Coaching Kept Them Focused & Successful

virtual health coaching through COVID

2020 was a trying time for us all, but it was particularly difficult for your team members who lost their connections to co-workers and struggled with issues related to diet, fitness, and emotional stress. As the world adjusted to a new way of thinking and communicating, our wellness coaches quickly embraced video conferencing and began remote employee health coaching to help their partners-in-health stay on track and continue to meet their personal goals.

2021 appears to be much of the same as the world continues to limit exposure, make policy adjustments, and accommodate the needs of all employees. However, health coaching does not stop. In fact, our corporate health coaches have broadened their mandate as they find themselves to be a stabilizing force in your employees’ lives. We have found that a hybrid solution seems to be the future of health coaching. While some employees still want an in-person relationship, many are flourishing with the flexibility and mobility that virtual conversations have offered them.

Virtual health coaching is here to stay and we are embracing it!

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There is no replacement for the relationships that our wellness coaches form through conversation and shared experiences. The eye contact offered in the virtual environment helps form the trust and personal connection employees need to help them stay accountable to themselves and to our corporate health coaches. Our ability to check-in and check on the employees has only improved with video capabilities. Our wellness coaches are now able to accommodate schedules and preferences in a way that was only imaginable a year ago.

We have found that employees are more likely to kick unhealthy habits with a corporate health coach holding them accountable. With the stress and strain from the pandemic, many employees have lost traction or picked-up unhealthy habits as a way to self-soothe and seek stress relief. Our wellness coaches spent the last year helping these employees redirect this energy towards positive change and making the most of an incredibly challenging time in all our lives. As we move into a new year, we intend to maintain these new practices.

Employees are up to 350% more likely to kick unhealthy habits with a corporate health coach.

Flexible employee health options from EHG

We are now offering customizable packages for all of our clients that allow them to accommodate the unique needs of an evolving workforce. Based on last year’s performance of EHG clients we have found virtual health coaching to be as effective as in-person coaching. However, most of our clients have chosen a hybrid model that accommodates all employee schedules and needs.

Hybrid health coaching has offered our wellness coaches and clients options that were not available before. Now, our corporate health coaches are able to interact with employees at the time and location they are available, eliminating the need to meet physically.

With the Covid experience as part of our social zeitgeist, we have learned that everything can change. What our wellness coaches know is that some things will never change. The best, most effective way to change human behavior is with a trusted corporate health coach that can hold individuals accountable. Though the delivery method may be changing, our process has not. Driven by clinical data, our wellness coaches approach risk assessment and transition carefully and procedurally, moving employers towards lower risks with the first year of health coaching.

“Walk and talk,” together, is the new virtual health coaching model.

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Our wellness coaches are the lifeblood of the organization. They help ensure client goals are met, employees are successful, and the culture-building work is accomplished. While each of our corporate health coaches has a unique story, they all share the same belief that individuals need and deserve a helping hand to make substantive changes to their lives and we are here to help.

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