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Flexible Corporate Wellness Programs, Tailored to Each Organization's Culture and Goals

Engagement Health Group’ programs are customizable to fit your unique organizational culture and employees - not the other way around. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to drive short-term results on the most at-risk populations. Our services offer long-term engagement and development around a culture of wellness that improves the health and productivity of the entire population. Our health and wellness Program Managers collaborate with your organization, drawing from a set of services that can be coordinated to form a highly personal and effective program.

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Each workplace wellness program offers varying levels of commitment and corresponding results. While we can create a unique program for your organization, we also offer base programs, designed to make it easier to get started, quickly.

Choose a base program that best fits your culture and your goals, then add on additional services to make a customized fit that will meet your population’s needs and satisfy your long-term goals.

Please contact us to discuss which base program would best accommodate your organization and how it can be tailored to create a perfect fit.


Ideal for Clients who want to develop a culture of wellness:

For those who are unhappy with the off-the-shelf carrier portal and want more personalization.
Do not have the bandwidth or expertise for program management that can drive challenges.
Dissatisfied with self-serve programs that have not delivered results.

Tailored to each company’s needs and goals, Pathfinder is the perfect way to reward your employees for engaging in healthy behaviors while fostering a culture that supports lasting, positive change. Engagement Health Group does the heavy lifting to manage the Pathfinder program and tailor it to your specific goals.

With weekly meal plans, an ongoing health newsletter and incentive management, Pathfinder’s year-round health promotion lays a great foundation for building a comprehensive corporate wellness program.


Ideal for Clients who are experiencing high medical claims and want to identify the risk factors driving their claims:

Start with a high reliance on biometrics and data collection.
Quickly identify specific risk factors that can be improved through healthier habits.
A good, strong first step to managing risk and cost.

Corporate Pulse provides confidential biometric assessments and one-on-one health coaching sessions for participating employees. With this corporate wellness program, one of our wellness coaches will discuss each employee’s results with them and help set individual goals for a healthier lifestyle. Simultaneously, Engagement Health Group will aggregate the group’s data and present a report about your company’s health and risk profile.

From there, you can elect to add our Pathfinder and/or Powerhouse programs - to make your employees and your company healthier, happier and even more productive.


Ideal for Clients who are farther along on their wellness journey:

Clients who have collected biometrics and yet not seen a change over time.
Recognize behavioral change is necessary to affect the population data.
Are looking for results-oriented coaching that represents the final step in lasting change.

Powerhouse provides health coaching at its best — with compassionate, expert wellness coaches from the local area that meet participants onsite where they work. Providing wellness coaches that develop trust, plans and motivation is the best way to show your employees that you genuinely care about their health.

Powerhouse is perfect for helping groups that have a corporate wellness program but lack true engagement and proven risk reduction by providing onsite health screenings, 30-minute results coaching and ongoing 15-minute health coaching sessions.


Ideal for Clients who want to lower all levels of risk while engaging the most resistant population:

For clients who recognize most of the population has some level of risk that can be lowered.
Want to engage the entire population, proactively, with personalized coaching.
Looking for a genuine move towards a culture of wellness that makes room for everyone.

Prima is the full package: Pathfinder + Pulse + Powerhouse, proven to improve the health and wellbeing of your employees as they age. Prima combines confidential biometric monitoring, personalized year-round health coaching based on participant’s risk profiles (High, Moderate, or Low), and engaging employee wellness programs to create measurable, sustained results.

Prima is our most popular and comprehensive corporate wellness program.

Our premium program management sets us apart

Regardless of the size of your company or which employee wellness program you choose, you will be assigned a dedicated Program Manager that will work with you to create the mission and vision that will drive your program. Having started their career in health coaching, your Program Manager will work closely with you to set up the successful strategies you need to support your employees on their journey to improving their health and well-being.

track progress with our innovative participant wellness portal

With our robust, high tech participant wellness portal, it has never been easier to monitor and track your corporate wellness program using a desktop or mobile device. Complete with HRA biometrics, health coaching records, educational initiatives, incentive administration, self-help programs and more, you can control and customize the program that is best for your organization right at your fingertips.

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