EHG’s “Pulse”
Biometric Assessments and

One-On-One Health Coaching

EHG’s Pulse Program for assessing the leading indicators of chronic disease that drive the vast majority of medicals claims is perfect for groups that want to enhance their health and wellbeing program with a clinical assessment of health risks, top-shelf reporting,
white-glove support, and results-focused program management.

EHG agrees with the principle, “if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it" which applies to health risks. Biometric screening data provide the best leading indicators of the chronic diseases that drive the vast majority of health claims.
Screenings provide objective, clinical data that is respected by MD’s and CFO’s alike and are the basis for our risk stratification and population health management. In other words, biometric data help us gauge and guide our programming, both individually and aggregately.

We typically find that well over 50% of a given workforce is at high risk, because they already have one or more chronic diseases - or they will have it soon, if there’s no intervention.

pulse support services included:

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Onsite Biometric Screenings

Geographic Availability: Nationwide
Modes Available:

  • Venipuncture/Blood Draw (recommended)
  • Fingerstick

Data Collected:

  • Labs: Total Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides, A1c 
  • Biometric Readings: Height & Weight for BMI, Waist Circumference, Blood Pressure
  • Other labs and metrics are also available upon request


  • Physician Referral – for participants with elevated readings who need to see a doctor in the near future
  • Immediate Referral – for those who need to see a doctor right away
  • Follow-Up - Health Coach follows up for accountability and reporting
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Other Options for Biometric Data Collection

  • National Lab (LabCorp) – EHG has an agreement with LabCorp which has over 2000 Patient Service Centers conveniently located across the nation. EHG will provide a requisition for participants to visit a LabCorp Patient Service Center (PSC) to collect the required data.
  • Health Data Forms – Participants may download a Health Data Form from our platform to take to their Primary Care Physician when completing an annual physical exam. Once the form is completed, participants upload the form to the platform for EHG to process.
  • Import Data – Biometric data can also be imported as an Excel file from third parties, such as carrier, local hospital, screening vendor, etc. EHG will supply the Excel file template and process the data when received.
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Risk Stratification

Once we have the biometric data, we stratify participants into low, moderate, or high risk, according to our proprietary stratification guide:

High Risk = Any one of the following

  • Hypertension (systolic blood pressure ≥140 and/or diastolic 90)
  • Diabetes (A1c 6.6) or reported diagnosed on Health Assessment
  • BMI 35
  • Tobacco use
  • Triglycerides 500
  • Five or more Moderate Risk factors (below)

Moderate Risk = 2-4 Moderate Risk Factors:

  • Pre-hypertension (systolic BP 120-139 and/or diastolic BP 80-89)
  • Prediabetes (A1c 5.7-6.4)
  • BMI 25-34.9
  • LDL Cholesterol >130
  • HDL Cholesterol <40
  • Triglycerides 150-499

Low Risk = 0-1 Moderate Risk Factors (above)

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Health Informatics

EHG averages 90% participation in our screenings. This is of tremendous value to employers and benefits advisors who are using health informatics, because it provides visibility into issues long before it shows up in health claims. For instance, you may have 30-40% of your population who have not been to a doctor in years. When we screen 90% of your population, we’ll find diabetes, hypertension, and tobacco usage that would not have shown up in a claim (yet). With appropriate agreements in place, we can share that data with your health analytics provider. Likewise, we like to receive “gaps in care” information to help guide our programming, individually or aggregately.

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Results Coaching

This is a critically important 30-minute session where a Health Coach and participant establish a connection, motivation, and an achievable path forward. It includes three fundamental steps: 

  1. Debriefing - A EHG Health Coach meets individually with each participant to explain the Health Assessment results and the lifestyle habits that drive them. 
  2. Personal Motivation - The Health Coach and each participant use Motivational Interviewing to find out what’s most important in each participant’s life and “connects the dots” to show how health enhancement will help them with their priorities. This is where the magic happens!  The extrinsic motivators that led the employee to give coaching a chance are converted into intrinsic motivation. Health improvement will never happen until an employee is committed to it.
  3. Personal Planning - Each employee works with the Health Coach to establish SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound), along with individually appropriate action plans to achieve the goals.

Coaching Delivery Modes

  • Worksite/in-person
  • Video coaching (via the app for smart phones)
  • Telephonic
  • Hybrid
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Dedicated Program Manager

Most wellness programs lack this critical element and, therefore, set themselves up to fail. Successful programs require a dedicated professional who is responsible and accountable for achieving program goals. EHG provides degreed, experienced professionals with managerial oversight to make sure your program gets focus. Our Program Managers provide day-to-day support and do the “heavy lifting.”

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Client Success Team Support

The Program Manager is supported by a Client Success Team that is knowledgeable of, and responsible for, your account. It includes the following:

  • Behavioral Health Coach(es)
  • Client Specialist
  • Director of Analytics
  • Financial Representative
  • Director of Client Success

Employees with both high Engagement and a sense of Well-Being are

30% less likely to miss work &

show a 20% boost in productivity

and are more likely to recommend the company.


Program Planning/Calendar of Events

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” EHG Program Managers plan, facilitate, promote, and report on the coaching program, including:

  • Planning & Review Meetings
  • Program Kickoff
  • Registration/Enrollment

Communications & Promotion

EHG Program Managers work with you to develop a systematic Communications Plan for the program in ways that you know are successful in getting your employees’ attention. We take the load off HR by developing the communications for our program for you. In other words, we use the black ink, so you only need to use the red ink and distribute the communications.

Program Incentive Design & Administration

Incentives are an integral part of wellness programs, rewarding engagement and accomplishment. They provide the nudge that many employees need to give the program a try. EHG designs, plans, communicates, and tracks employee participation, compliance, outcomes, etc., so your team is not consumed with forms, spreadsheets, and reward administration. EHG will consult with you to make recommendations on this subject for your client companies.


“If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” EHG is known for its user-friendly, customizable, timely, and actionable reporting, which includes the following:

  • Compliance Report
  • Annual Management Health Assessment Report
  • Annual Cohort Analysis (when we have data for year-to-year)
  • Participant Satisfaction Survey Report
  • Internal Client Review (Client Delivery Team & Management)
  • Client Management Presentations
  • Program Success Flyers – summaries of program findings for employees

Participant Health & Wellbeing Platform

Robust, high-tech portal will be available via computer, mobile devices, and App. The platform allows for data capture and reporting across a wide range of metrics, at a user, group, and locale level.

Review & Planning Session

EHG Team meets with Client to familiarize themselves with company culture, determine best locations, dates, and times for activities and events, discuss communication of the program to employees (kick-off meetings), schedule additional meetings with department heads if necessary, and discuss timeline and other aspects of the program.

Compliance Tracking

The EHG Program Manager along with the internal EHG support team will track and report on participant compliance and provide Client with timely and accurate information for related payroll adjustments or account contributions.

Health Advocacy

EHG Program Manager will assist client in developing and implementing strategies to promote other healthcare benefits provided by client to participants, such as EAP, telemedicine, disease management, etc.

Whereas claims analysis provides only a look in the rear view mirror, EHG’s “Pulse” program provides looks ahead to assess the chronic disease that’s going to be driving our health costs - if we don’t take action. In addition, unlike many screening experiences, EHG provides invaluable one-on-one coaching to help our employees understand the health risks they are facing, as well as developing motivation and direction to do something about it!

~ Jack Curtis, CEO EHG

Pulse pricing options 

Three Basic Options

Program Options

Data Collection

Results Coaching Session
(30 min.)

Impact on Program

Price (PPPY)

Estimated # of Participants

Mgmt. Fee (per year)

Total Cost (est.)


PCP Exams & Forms








LabCorp Requisition








Onsite Screenings







Potential Value-Adds


Unit Price

# Units

"Live Better Feel Better" Tobacco Cessation

Per Series



Diabetes Coaching Program - $1,000 Mgmt. Fee





Per Year


Data Analytics/File Uploads - 2 or more/year

Per Year



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