Health Enhancement Is a Vital Part of Every Employee’s Engagement Journey

A Single Solution Partner Addressing All Levels of Workforce Health and Well-Being — from Health Maintenance to Crisis Intervention.

Corporate Health Partners and Health Solutions have joined together to create Engagement Health Group in order to provide highly engaging and effective solutions across the spectrum of health – from enhancing health and wellbeing to managing clinical health issues – from chronic disease to the most complicated, expensive cases. Engagement Health Group will serve employers across the nation who are seeking to engage, empower, and energize their people to optimize their health and wellbeing and build strong, lasting engagement and retention.

89% of employees whose companies support well-being are likely to recommend their company.

employee engagement is inextricably tied to respectful, empathetic health management

At one end of the spectrum, Engagement Health Group is committed to providing the best support to maintain or enhance employee health and well-being - to reduce demand on the healthcare system for those employees who are healthy or moderately healthy. But for those members who encounter costly chronic or acute suffering, EHG’s approach also provides clinical support to reduce the frustration and waste they often experience in the healthcare system.

Working within the organization’s culture, Engagement Health Group provides a single, unifying coach and guide alongside the member to apply clinical solutions while also addressing the underlying causes that may have created or could create a medical problem. EHG’s single, consistent voice helps build a culture of health by supporting the organization’s goals as well as the employees’ needs. This trusted relationship helps foster a deeper connection to the organization, improves productivity, and adds stability to the organization.

Employees with high engagement and a sense of well-being are 59% less likely to pursue a job change within the year.

real employee engagement.

Engagement Health Group serves all employees within the organization’s population. By meeting each employee where they are in their health journey, Engagement Health Group builds the trusted relationships that foster engagement, leading to more consistent, repeatable outcomes.

Addressing the Entire Workforce Population

  • Healthy and moderately healthy employees need to stay that way. They will stay healthy with our behavioral health coaches.
  • Employees with chronic disease also need clinical guidance and education regarding their condition. Our Coaches help employees engage with our Pharmacists, who coordinate with each employee’s personal physician for this clinical support.
  • Employees with an acute and/or severe health conditions are scared and want the best possible advice available. Our Coaches connect these employees with the world’s top physicians and Centers of Excellence.

Addressing the Entire Population

Customized Capabilities and Packages to Meet You Where YOU Are

Engagement Health Group will begin benefitting from expanded services in the first quarter of 2023, with no interruption in service delivery to current clients of Corporate Health Partners and Health Solutions.

Engagement Health Group