Case Studies

Client Case Studies from Corporate Health Partners

Case Study: Coeur, Inc. - How a medical manufacturer saved big on medical costs.

Case Study: Metro Atlanta Utility - The benefits consultant found that claims are running 15% below when the program started, and 37% off a 10% trend. “We believe EHG has assisted our client in truly bending the medical and pharmacy claims cost curve.”

Case Study: Pond & Company - How a large, multi-state engineering firm’s wellness program reduced employee health risks, controlled costs and enhanced recruitment and retention.

Case Study: Lowndes County - How this South Georgia County’s wellness program decreased employee health risk by 22% and created an ROI of 500%.

Case Study: Meriwether County - How a participation-based wellness program reduced local government’s annual healthcare costs by $130K.

Case Study: Putnam County – How a county government implemented EHG’s Prima program, reversing the health risk and health cost trends in two years.

Case Study: Multi-Site, Multi-State Heavy Equipment Dealer – Why and how a heavy equipment dealer abandoned a wellness program that “checked the box” and implemented EHG’s Prima program with onsite health coaching to achieve remarkable results.

Case Study: Georgia Truck Center – The benefits consultant said, "Claims per member are running 20% under industry and negative from 2015. Seeing 17% of hypertensives with 2+ gaps in care we tasked EHG with a goal of 12% - in just six months we are down to 10%!"

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