Mental Well-Being


“Since the beginning of the Pandemic, stress and anxiety have been and remain at an all-time high. Employees are seeking more than just diets & fitness - they need mental and emotional support at work.”


Unlimited Inbound Mental Well-Being Coaching
Inbound  education and support, on-demand, with a professional Mental Well-Being Coach to support members wanting mental well-being/emotional support & education to positively address stress, anxiety, depression or other challenges common since the pandemic. Members have access to self-schedule or can receive support to schedule a session.

Targeted Intervention Coaching
For members seeking to improve their mental well-being, we offer personalized coaching delivered by our professionals in mental well-being counseling integrated into the program for enhanced utilization and effectiveness. The coaching program includes eight 30-minute sessions with an assigned professional Mental Well-Being Coach at a cadence up to weekly, if needed. The coach will help identify the root cause of the mental well-being concerns, provide perspective, education, support, tools and referral to medical care, if needed, to improve the mental well-being status of enrolled members.

Group Coaching Series on Enhancing Mental Well-Being
An eight-week group coaching series of 30-minute sessions for members seeking to improve their mental well-being, through support and resources to reduce stress and gain mental well-being awareness. Facilitated by a certified, professional Behavioral Health Coach that has been additionally certified in Mental Health First Aid. Classes are interactive and participation is encouraged to share successes and struggles, which activates peer support.

Mental Health First Aid
All Behavioral Well-Being Coaches at EHG are certified in Mental Health First Aid and are trained to ascertain a client’s EAP resources, make warm introductions, and track those referrals on the platform. This service dramatically increased EAP utilization and ROI. Coaches track EAP referrals in the platform. All of our Mental Well-Being Programs have been designed and are delivered by our professionals in mental well-being counseling.

80% of illnesses are precipitated by stress and/or anxiety.

On Demand Resources on Platform

Be Kind to Your Mind (personal enlightenment & random acts of kindness), Disconnect to Reconnect (break bad tech habits and reconnect with people), No Time Like the Pleasant (work-life balance, relaxation, stretching, breathing, etc.)

Digital Behavior Change Programs
Calm (mindfulness to fight stress & anxiety), Head On (coping with anxiety & depression), Belong (building relationships for physical & mental well-being, including fighting dementia), and Attention (boosting productivity through mindfulness practices).

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