A New Corporate Wellness Program for a Georgia Truck Center


The Situation 

The CEO of one of the largest commercial truck dealer groups in the U.S. approached Corporate HealthPartners. Caring deeply for the corporate family, the CEO wanted to implement an effective corporate wellness program to improve employee health.

With 11 locations throughout central Georgia and Alabama, the employees were 84% male and an average age of 44 years old. They had transitioned from a fully insured health plan to a self-funded health plan in 2015.

The Work 

The company engaged in Corporate Health Partners’ comprehensive and systematic Prima corporate health program in 2015. Utilizing health informatics to drive employee health and wellness solutions, Corporate Health Partners provided overall program management and year-round health promotions with biometric screening, lunch and learns, challenges, health coaching, wellness team oversight, and more.

Corporate Health Partners’ wellness coaches had 15-minute face-to-face meetings with employees on a frequency determined by their risk level.

The CEO, Director of HR, and the employee health and wellness team proactively and visibly supported the Prima corporate wellness program

The Results of the Prima Corporate Wellness Program

  • Employee participation in the program has consistently been 94% of eligible employees every year
  • Participant satisfaction surveys show that 92% see a benefit from the Prima corporate wellness program
  • In addition, 91% of participants believe their lifestyle choices and their health have improved
  • 100 employees lost a total of 1,079 lbs. in the past year
  • Percentage of high-risk participants was cut by 5.6% from 64.4% to 60.8%
  • Obesity down by 6%
  • Hypertension down by 15.4%
  • Tobacco use down by 7%

Broker Quote 

Claims per member are running 20% under industry and negative from 2015. Seeing 17% of hypertensives with 2+ gaps in care we tasked Corporate Health Partners with a goal of 12% – in just six months we are down to 10%!  

– Georgia Truck Center Broker 

Corporate Wellness Program Testimonial 

Director of HR

Just about every organization offers medical benefits. Our question was, how do you make the offering of these benefits a tactical advantage? We came to believe the key was an overall strategy of wellness. 

  • Georgia Truck Center made the determination to move to a self-funded plan, we realized that a well-structured and consistently applied plan to focus on wellness would be required.
  • Corporate Health Partners set up a wellness platform that helps employees meet personal health goals.
  • Corporate Health Partners conducted on-site biometric screenings, an HRA, regular health coachingsessions, staged health challenges each month, and held regular on-site wellness forums

We have made very good progress in overall wellness measurements of our organization and continue to find the partnership of Corporate Health Partners to be of great value to our employees and our organization. 

  • Georgia Truck Center HR Director
Engagement Health Group