Building a Company Wellness Program for the Metro Atlanta Utility Company


The Situation 

Metro Atlanta Utility, an award-winning local utility that provides electricity, water, and sewer services in the metro Atlanta area, approached Corporate Health Partners. Caring deeply for the employees, the CEO wanted to implement an effective company wellness program.

With over 100 non-union employees, 80% are male and are an average age of 44 years old. They had a self-funded health plan which has experienced over a 10% increase before enrolling in the company wellness program.

The Work 

The company signed up for Corporate Health Partners’ comprehensive and systematic Prima company wellness program in 2014. Corporate Health Partners provided the company with overall program management and year-round health promotions including biometric screenings, lunch and learnschallenges, health coaching, awareness classes, wellness team oversight, and more.

Corporate Health Programs’ wellness coaches had 15-minute face-to-face meetings with employees on a frequency determined by their risk levels:

  • High Risk: monthly
  • Moderate Risk: bi-monthly
  • Low Risk: quarterly

The CEO, Director of H.R., and the employee health and wellness team proactively and visibly supported the Prima company wellness program.

The Results of the Prima Company Wellness Program

  • Employee participation in the program has consistently been 95-100% of eligible employees every year.
  • There is no incentive for health coaching after the screening, but 100% of screening participants engaged.
  • Participation satisfaction surveys found over 90% were satisfied with every aspect of the program.
  • In addition, 88% of participants believe their lifestyle choices and their health has improved.
  • The company has already built 88% of Corporate Health Partner’s checklist for building wellness into the culture.
  • The percentage of participants at high risk was cut by 17% over a three-year period – from 52% to 43%.
  • Some risk factors that have been reduced include:
    • Hypertension – 31%
    • Tobacco use – 38%
    • Obesity – 9%
  • The Benefits Consultant found that claims are running 15% below when the Prima company wellness program started, and 37% of a 10% trend. We believe Corporate Health Partners has assisted our client in truly bending the medical and pharmacy claims cost curve. 

Testimonial From Director of HR

Many years ago, the leadership realized that our employees’ wellness was critical to the future success of our company. When we looked at the demographics of our employees, we realized a vast majority would continue to age with 10-15 years left until retirement. We decided to take a proactive approach to help stabilize healthcare costs and brought in Corporate Health Partners to take over the current in-house wellness program. Through biometrics screening and coaching sessions, Corporate Health Partners has helped our employees live happier and healthier lives. Our healthcare costs have stabilized, and our employees are getting an additional benefit to better themselves. Corporate Health Partners has reduced healthcare costs, educated our employees on disease prevention, and improved morale. 

  • Director of HR
Engagement Health Group