Enacting a Corporate Health Plan for Metro Atlanta City

How Corporate Health Partners helped one city improve the lives of many.



Facing costly medical claims and an epidemic of absenteeism, this metro Atlanta city knew they needed to take steps to improve employee health. In 2006, following the failure of other wellness programs, the city set out to find a more proactive and comprehensive workplace wellness program. To turn things around, they turned to Corporate Health Partners – and EHG was poised to deliver. 


485 employees (389 full-time)

  • 74% white, 22% black, 3% Hispanic 
  • 74% male, 26% female 

Diverse workgroups 

  • Public Safety (Police and Fire)
  • Public Works, Library, Parks, and Rec 

Internal communication

  • 12 locations
  • Multiple shifts (8hr, 10hr, 12hr, 24/48hr)
  • City intranet, website, internal boards, payroll stubs, mailings
  • 20% of employee population has no daily use or access to computers 


The team at Corporate Health Partners sprang into action, working with city leadership to develop a customized workplace wellness program that included:

  • Leadership Support/Involvement
  • Workplace Wellness Program Services
  • Onsite health screenings
    • Personal health profiles 
    • Access to multiple online employee health and wellness tools 
    • Access to onsite wellness coaches
    • Other wellness activities – challenges, lunch and learns, walking groups
  • Incentives
    • All participants can earn at least $105 reduction in their monthly health plan premium contribution


Corporate Health Partners implemented a one-on-one health coaching standard that included:

  • Wellness coach that spends 28 hours/week onsite 
  • Wellness coach spends 1/3 of their time on program management and 2/3 on individual health coaching
  • Coaches ten people per day 
  • Additional wellness coach does telephonic coaching with 30 retirees and spouses 



Biometric screenings and health coaching – employees only 


Biometric screenings and health coaching – employee and spouse (both must participate to be eligible for incentive)


Announced outcome-based program 


Implemented outcome-based program (three-year implementation)


Partial incentive awarded if spouse is covered under city’s health plan but declines participation in the workplace wellness program


Reasonable Alternative Standard available or employees and spouses who do not meet their goal 

Corporate Health Diagram


Work Wellness Program

Corporate Health MILESTONES

  • Recognized as one of Atlanta’s Healthier Employers – 2010 and 2013 
  • American Heart Association Fit Friendly Gold Award – 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Health at Work Silver Award (sponsored by ComPsych for commitment to promoting employee health and wellness) – 2009, 2010, 2011 


When the city started the wellness program several years ago I was the first one to complain and say that was probably going to be a waste of time, but over the years participating in the program and learning and talking to the health coaches I believe that it’s beneficial for me personally. I now know how to read and understand the nutrition labels on products and understand how they affect my overall health and nutrition. I have seen people lose weight, quit smoking, and overall be healthier people. 

  • Public Works Employee

I began working for the city in July 2010. To save money, I elected to join the wellness program. I would try to get out of the meetings every week. When I couldn’t get out of the meeting, I would reluctantly go to meet with the coach. I always knew what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to change my results, but I just didn’t want to. Until October 2012 is when I decided it was time to fix my problems. I began eating five small meals a day. I cut out diet sodas and artificial sweeteners and replace them with water. I was amazed at the results from just these small changes. As of today, I am down 92 pounds from my weight in October 2012. I know I would not be able to say that if I did not make the decision in 2010 to join the wellness program with the City of Smyrna. I still participate in the challenges and encourage my coworkers to do it.

  • Public Works Employee 

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