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The Rest of the Story with GLP-1 Drugs

December 14, 2023 @ 2:00 pm 2:30 pm

Employees who have tried for years to lose weight without success are now begging their employers to cover the new GLP-1 wonder drugs for weight loss through their health plan. For these drugs to be successful, employees need to make significant and challenging behavior change.

For many, GLP-1 drugs sound like the pill solution they’ve been waiting their whole life for. Too often, they are not considering how they need to make difficult lifestyle choices/changes to achieve the desired results and make them sustainable. 

For the employer whose employees are being bombarded with consumer messaging promising amazing results, the challenge is how to provide needed help while successfully/responsibly managing the impact to the health plan. 

So, what are the key strategies that most employees and employers are not considering? We’ll explore how to maximize successful outcomes. 

We will cover:

  • Why GLP-1 drugs aren’t always the right/best a solution.
  • Why education, guidance, and coaching are critical to ensure lasting effects of this expensive treatment.
  • How to ensure employees don’t treat the drugs as a one-and-done solution.
  • How to manage expectations and help guide employees towards lasting, meaningful change.

Proposed Agenda:

  • Introduction to Engagement Health Group
  • What Are GLP-1 Drugs and What Can They Do?
  • Problem: Employees Are Flooding Employers with Requests to Cover the High Cost
  • Analysis:
    • What’s Required for Success? (Short & Long Term)
    • How Can Employers Afford It?
  • Solution:
    • Strategies
      • Cover, but educate on requirements and risks (discourage)
      • Cover, but couple with step therapy (pre, during, and post)
    • Behavior Change – before, during, & after drug therapy
      • Group Coaching for Weight Loss
      • Targeted 1:1 Coaching for Weight Loss (preferred/most effective)
      • Voice of the Participant
      • Summary, Q&A


Dr. Jennifer Musick, PharmD

Dr. Jennifer Musick, PharmD
President & Co-Founder

Jennifer’s background and experience as a clinical pharmacist and wellness industry outsider has been key to the development of Health Solutions’ contribution to EHG. Her unique strategic approach to developing strong client and participant programs results in meaningful health and financial outcomes for EHG clients.

Jack Curtis
CEO and Co-Founder

Jack is CEO and Co-Founder of Engagement Health Group (EHG) and Corporate Health Partners, LLC (CHP), both based in Atlanta, Georgia. Jack founded CHP in 2002 and co-founded EHG in 2022.

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