The Meal Plan  for the Week of October 17, 2022

Let the Wrap Battle Begin

Wraps are an easy way to pack a lot of nutrients into one meal! They are also easy to customize, which means you can switch it up to have new flavors each time. Try out the wrap recipes below to keep busy workweek lunches easy, delicious, and nutritious!


Chicken Wrap

This recipe is a great way to repurpose leftover chicken from dinner! Amp up the nutrient level and keep sodium levels and saturated fat in check by making a few healthy swaps. I would use drained, low-sodium canned corn, reduced fat shredded cheese, low-sodium taco seasoning, low-fat sour cream or non-fat plain Greek yogurt, and a whole grain tortilla.  


Chicken Wraps

This is basically a rolled up stir fry! You could make a double recipe for dinner the night before and then pack this into a tortilla for lunch the next day. You could also use a store-bought peanut sauce rather than making your own, but just keep added sugar and sodium levels in mind with any pre-made sauces from the store. Enjoy!


California Turkey Club Wrap

A classic sandwich turned into a wrap! It’s a simple but effective lunch option, combining protein, healthy fats, and vegetables. I would use spinach or kale in place of iceberg lettuce to boost nutrients and you could always add extra veggies like cucumber, sliced bell pepper, or shredded carrots. Compare products to find a lower sodium deli turkey meat!


Buffalo Chicken

Add a little bit of spice into your day with this buffalo chicken wrap. This healthier take uses whole wheat tortillas, non-fat Greek yogurt, avocado, and lots of fresh vegetables! If you or someone in your family isn’t a fan of bleu cheese, you could use feta or cheddar cheese instead.


Veggie Wrap

This one is for all the veggie lovers out there or those trying to incorporate more into their diet! The combination of vegetables with edamame, which is a plant-based source of protein, means that this wrap will leave you feeling fuller for longer. It’s also great because you can swap any of the vegetables listed for ones you have in your fridge.

About the dietitian

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