The dramatic challenges faced last year by employers are having lasting effects on employee populations across the country. The US employee is returning to work worse off than they were when the pandemic started. The recent article in The American Psychological Association (One  year on: Unhealthy weight gains, increased drinking reported by Americans coping with pandemic stress) describes a workforce under prolonged stress that shows lasting effects with no sign of stopping. Employers committed to refocusing their employees on healthy habits are struggling to break through the noise and clutter that workers are coping with every day.


Of employees with chronic conditions skipped or delayed medical care.


Experienced undesired weight gain. Others coped with more alcohol, tobacco or worse.


Of employees cited more stress and anxiety than ever before. 80% of illness is precipitated by stress.

Companies Are Pivoting to Engagement

While employees are struggling to return to healthy habits and lifestyles, employee needs are changing as they return to work or adapt to a new workstyle. Those companies who recognize that healthy culture and employee engagement are tied together and are willing to make the changes necessary will be positioned for long-term success.

“Too often, traditional wellness programs haven’t succeeded at engaging significant proportions of employees—especially among groups that most need them—perhaps because they focused on addressing only the most general problems. Well- being often requires a more detailed holistic approach, encompassing its different dimensions and providing employees with the tools they need. “

For CFOs, Well-Being Can Offer Healthy Returns – The Wall Street Journal

Employee Engagement & EHG

EHG has consistently demonstrated industry-leading engagement results. We measure engagement far deeper than most wellness vendors. With a voluntary participation rate above 90% and a satisfaction rate of over 85%, our Coaches and Program Managers are able to form trusting, lasting relationships with employees helping us to tailor our programs to the employee’s individual needs.

While our competition may cite their engagement numbers as high, those numbers often reflect a shallow view of what engagement represents.

EHG is an engagement company that uses health coaching as the lever.

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