Founder and CEO of Corporate Health Partners, Jack Curtis, had the honor and pleasure of meeting with colleagues in the HERO Think Tank in San Diego to discuss how to move the needle in the world of corporate health and wellbeing.

During one provocative session facilitated by Josh Glynn and Anthony Ravitz of Google, the group was asked to consider – What are the two aspects of the employee experience that most impact health? Many pertinent aspects were suggested, but our CEO believes drivers of performance, happiness, and employee health boils down to these two factors: 

  1. How much you care about your work
  2. How much your works cares about you

At Corporate Health Partners, we provide integrated and successful worksite wellness solutions that benefit organizations and employees alike. 

Corporate Health: How Much You Care About Your Work

Just after WWI, Viktor Frankl wrote his book Man’s Search for Meaning. In it, he explained that the common thread among many of the survivors of the horrors of Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp where he was confined during WWII, was that they all had something very important left to do in life. It points to the need that most of us have to make a difference in our lives. We’re able not only to survive but to thrive when our work helps us use our capabilities to make that difference. It makes us care about our work, which makes us more engaged, fulfilled, and happy – and addresses a major stressor that can reduce the length and quality of our lives.

Corporate Health: How Much Your Work Cares about You

If your employer cares about you, they should also care about your health, since you’re not much good without it. A good employer will demonstrate their concern by doing two fundamental things that impact your health. First, they will connect the dots to make sure doing a good job will help you with what’s important to you in life (per the point above). Secondly, your employer will also provide resources that effectively help you maintain or improve your health and wellbeing. 

What’s the Hitch with Corporate Health Wellness Programs? 

The logic seems straightforward, doesn’t it? Perhaps that’s why many employers now have employee wellness programs. The hitch is that for most organizations, employee health continues to worsen – whether a corporate wellness program is provided. That suggests that most employers have not done one or both fundamentals well. Either most employees have not been engaged (Gallup reports only 30% are engaged), or most employee wellness programs are not effectively reducing employee health risks (according to a SHRM report) –possibly both! 

Cultivate a Healthier Workforce Using Employee Wellness Programs

At Corporate Health Partners, we understand that employee health is a resource. That is why we provide corporate wellness programs to help your organization achieve peak performance. By using our programming to set aggressive goals, you will see measurable results that are guaranteed to improve employee health and engagement.   

Contact us to learn more about how we can become your trusted health partner today. 

About the author

Jack Curtis

Jack Curtis is Founder and CEO of Corporate Health Partners (2002) and Co-Founder and CEO of Engagement Health Group (2022). With an ongoing commitment to making a difference in corporate health and well-being, Jack enjoys his long-term membership and Leadership Committee chair position at an industry Think Tank of thought leaders within employee health management, called Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO).

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