Measurable Results

“Healthier employees create happier, more productive organizations that attract and retain talent.”

Engagement Health Group forms lasting partnerships with organizations to improve employee health and the organization’s bottom line. We are one of the few worksite wellness providers that can prove our engagement health programs reduce health risks and expensive sick care. We use medical data from participating employees to create programs for individuals and the organization. Our approach enables us to deliver accelerating results year over year.

Compared to the rest of the industry, Engagement Health Group boasts some of the highest sustained year-round participation rates. On average, 89% of employees voluntarily participate in our company wellness programs, which is 75% higher than the industry benchmark of 24%. Our participant satisfaction rates are higher as well. 86% of our participants express satisfaction with our program compared to the industry average of 32%.

Our results are 75% higher than the industry benchmark.

compared to the industry average of 24%

real results

measurable data through biometric screening

Results are measured through objective, year-over-year medical assessments, not vanity metrics like step counts. Engagement Health Group regularly conducts employee health screenings for those who elect to join our company wellness programs. We use that information to create personalized employee health plans for those individuals and track their progress year over year. Even with an aging workforce, we not only stave off unhealthy habits, we can demonstrably improve individuals’ health year over year. Using aggregated, anonymous data that we can collect from participating employees, we can identify the most pressing health problems within an organization – such as stress, sleep deprivation, unhealthy eating habits, or smoking – and create company-wide engagement health programs to address them.

what our partners are saying

EHG, an EHG member company's, partnership with the City of Alpharetta, Georgia resulted in improved wellness with over 400 of their government employees. Watch the video to see how Engagement Health Group delivered excellent results.

Employees are up to 350% more likely to kick unhealthy habits with an EHG health coach.

coaching is crucial for success

success from dedicated, on-site health coaching

Onsite, personalized health coaching encourages employees to achieve their health goals. Employees are up to 350% more likely to kick unhealthy habits with personal health coaching. Our wellness coaches become part of your family, meeting with employees regularly to discuss their progress and support their goals. Many of the most important conversations are unscheduled, happening in the hallway or kitchen, where an employee might ask about how to eat healthier or find time to work out with a baby on the way. Our wellness coaches forge strong bonds with your team. They help individuals improve their lives and your company improve its culture of health and wellness in the workplace. Accordingly, Engagement Health Group demonstrates some of the highest voluntarily participation rates and participant satisfaction in the industry.

86% of participating employees express satisfaction with our health coaching programs.

Compared to the industry average of 24%

driving behavioral change

better habits supported by a culture of health and wellness in the workplace

Engagement Health Group has decades of experience creating and leading effective engagement health programs. We understand how to cultivate a sustainable, healthy culture that fits an individual company, not the other way around. Our wellness coaches will create and lead year-round programs to address the most pressing health concerns at your organization. We will connect participants with the technology, resources, information and events that will help them live healthier, more productive lives. Our work transforms organizations. Happier, healthier employees support one another, report increased productivity and company loyalty, and make your organization extremely attractive to new talent.

Tools help your employees track their progress, independently.

we integrate with fitbit, healthytrax, and others

wellness coaches empowered with tech

technology that helps people reach their goals

Engagement Health Group maintains partnerships with leading wellness technology providers, including Fitbit, HealthyTrax, and others. These tools help your employees track their progress, meet their goals, and push themselves further. Technology alone cannot guarantee the success of company wellness programs, but it can help participants better achieve their goals when coupled with proactive programs. Using the data from these technologies, our wellness coaches can fine-tune employees’ plans for optimal results. Additionally, our Omni program enables coaches to track the daily progress of participating high-risk employees and immediately jump in and help them when they get off track.

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