Jack Curtis, M.S.

CEO & Co-Founder

Jack is CEO and Co-Founder of Engagement Health Group (EHG) and Corporate Health Partners, LLC (CHP), both based in Atlanta, Georgia. Jack founded CHP in 2002 and co-founded EHG in 2022. EHG provides systematic, results-oriented programming for employee health and wellbeing, featuring highly engaging behavioral health coaching.

Jack is a member of the HERO Think Tank, and chairs the Leadership Committee, one of the three committees that do the work of the Think Tank. (HERO is the Health Enhancement Research Organization, composed of thought leaders among employers and providers engaged in Employee Health Management). Jack is an avid student of Employee Health Management and a frequent speaker for seminars on the subject.  

Jack earned a BS in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, while working as an intern at NASA in Huntsville, Alabama.  He later earned an MS in Engineering Management from the University of Tennessee.  In his free time, Jack enjoys family, friends, hiking, kayaking, and travel.

Jack is highly motivated to achieve his purpose in life, which is to glorify God by enhancing the health and well-being of as many others as possible.

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