Mikki Walters, MBA

Mikki Walters

Division Director, Health Solutions

Mikki joined Health Solutions/EHG in 2009 as a Health Coach and Wellness Program Coordinator.  Over the years, Mikki has played active roles in supporting the multiple aspects of wellness program administration including legal compliance, business development, program innovation and operations. As a Division Director, Mikki takes the position of a professional partner, working closely with her team to support companies to develop solutions for successful, intervention-based wellness programs that improve the health of a company and generates measurable program impact.

Mikki has her Master’s in Business Administration and graduated from Iowa State University earning a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Health with an emphasis in Health Promotion.  She is certified in Mastering Workplace Wellness Laws and is the resident expert in Workplace Wellness Law for Engagement Health Group as part of her Business Assurance Director role.

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