December 19, 2023

March 23, 2021, Atlanta, Ga. – Engagement Health Group (EHG) is pleased to announce a new relationship with Scantron Corporation, the national data collection partner. EHG’s leadership team collaborated closely with Scantron’s Benefits team to expand its current wellness program to include services for their members struggling with chronic disease. By allowing them to engage in EHG’s unique, pharmacist-directed Condition Management model, Scantron’s members will experience measurable health improvement. This is a major step forward in an ongoing process for Scantron to improve the overall well-being of their members and to lower healthcare costs for both their valued employees and for Scantron.

“Employee concerns and the heightened focus on health and wellness didn’t end with the transition away from the Covid response,” says EHG President, Dr. Jennifer Musick, PharmD. “Rather, there has been an establishment of expectation among employees at many organizations that their employers will take an active, engaged role in offering competitive wellness services regardless of where work is taking place – in office or remote. Scantron’s choice to bring the full breadth of wellness services to their teams is exactly the sort of solution employees are looking for.”

Scantron will be leveraging EHG’s capabilities in providing Condition Management to all their employees across their national footprint. Program planning will include effective engagement across the employee spectrum, reaching deeply into the organization to include office, hybrid, and remote workers as EHG helps Scantron create a lasting culture of wellness.

With a focus on risk mitigation and condition management, EHG has worked with Scantron’s executive team to customize a program that will leverage Scantron’s ongoing commitment to building a culture of health and wellness that aligns with their community environment. The EHG Client Success Team will identify the most at-risk individuals and those with existing chronic conditions and work with them individually to coach and educate them on their risk factors, diseases, and their health-related behaviors through evidence-based practices to deliver dramatic results within the first year.

About Engagement Health Group
Engagement Health Group (EHG) is a health and well-being provider from Corporate Health Partners and Health Solutions. EHG serves employers across the country, from those looking to provide compelling resources for interested members, to those looking for effective risk management of the entire population. EHG drives much higher-than-industry engagement and satisfaction, helping to cultivate workplaces that value optimal health and well-being. Besides the fundamentals of good health promotion, EHG features behavioral health coaching and clinically based guidance that integrates medical and pharmacy claims data, along with biometric health screening data, to deploy highly engaging and effective health and well-being programs tailored to the unique culture of each client.

About Scantron
Scantron has provided data collection for over 50 years, offering critical assessment, technology, and data capture solutions globally and are headquartered in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, with other locations in Omaha, Nebraska, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With a vision to ignite achievement and growth worldwide through their expertise, technologies, and commitment to service, Scantron provides best-in-class scanning solutions, handles over half a billion copied pages, produces millions of high-precision scannable answer sheets, and supports educational institutions, businesses of all sizes, and government agencies worldwide. 

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