August 7, 2023

August 7, 2021, Atlanta, Ga. – Engagement Health Group (EHG) is pleased to announce a new relationship with Bryan County of Georgia. This County, like many municipalities across the country, is looking, post covid, to help foster a true culture of health for its employees. EHG leadership has collaborated closely with the South Georgia County to create a means for employees to learn about their modifiable risk factors and how to take the appropriate action to create healthier lifestyles. This is the first step in a planned ongoing process to improve the overall well-being of their employees and to lower the costs for both these employees and for the county.

Bryan County is the latest in a long line of municipalities who are addressing new health and wellness challenges,” said EHG CEO Jack Curtis. “As employees continue to struggle with both the cost and management of their own health, they are also feeling the stress of economic and social uncertainties. Both these factors are squeezing the employee, making the need for more support and guidance more important than ever.”

With a focus on health awareness, EHG has worked with the Bryan County executive team to customize a program that will leverage the county’s culture and help build a culture of wellness that aligns with their community environment. Like many clients, Bryan County requires a flexible solution, right-fit to their varied workforce that spans one of Georgia’s transforming communities. EHG can identify the most at-risk individuals and behaviors, target those behaviors through evidence-based practices, and deliver dramatic results within the first year.

We are excited to see this new addition to our broader population as EHG takes our personal coaching model and helps improve the condition and lifestyles of employees and corporate cultures throughout the Southeastern U.S.

About Engagement Health Group

Engagement Health Group (EHG) is a health and well-being provider from Corporate Health Partners and Health Solutions. EHG serves employers across the country, from those looking to provide compelling resources for interested members, to those looking for effective risk management of the entire population. EHG drives much higher-than-industry engagement and satisfaction, helping to cultivate workplaces that value optimal health and well-being. Besides the fundamentals of good health promotion, EHG features behavioral health coaching and clinically based guidance that integrates medical and pharmacy claims data, along with biometric health screening data, to deploy highly engaging and effective health and well-being programs tailored to the unique culture of each client.
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About Bryan County

Bryan County is an ever growing and vibrant community that according to the 2020 census is the sixth fastest growing County in the nation and the fastest growing county in Georgia. Bryan County also boasts a median household income well above the Georgia average and on par with the national average. With a population of over 40,000, Bryan County’s immediate proximity to Savannah, the region’s economic heart, helps to make the County the perfect place to settle for those looking for opportunity and cultural fulfillment.
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