March 3, 2023

Curus, Farmington Hills, MI, has joined with Engagement Health Group (EHG) to offer critical case management services as part of EHG’s total employee solution. Curus brings a Medical Advisory Team to EHG that is supported by physicians from a full range of medical specialties.  This Medical Advisory Team will consult with Curus Medical Directors and its Chief Medical Officer to evaluate and advocate care options for patients who have serious, complicated conditions and are struggling to navigate the healthcare system.

The addition of Curus helps fulfill a crucial part of Engagement Health Groups mission: To connect with and maintain guiding relationships with the entire employee population. Curus will address those workers who present the 5% of a client’s health plan members who are driving 50% of the health plan cost. Whether treating a severe, acute illness or a chronic health condition, Curus will be able to provide the guidance and care necessary for workers to experience the care they need in an increasingly difficult healthcare system.

“EHG Health Coaches are amazing at keeping most employees engaged, but there is a group of employees that simply need more help – clinical help,” says Jack Curtis, CEO of EHG. “This is where Curus steps in. They are able to guide an employee through a crisis or help them manage a chronic health state with the help of a medical team. It keeps the employee engaged, focused and in the program, which is key to getting them well.”  

In collaboration with EHG Health Coaches, Curus will begin offering critical care interventional programs managed by its Medical Advisory Team, including:

  • Access to medical experts
  • 2nd Opinion arrangements
  • Provider visit preparation
  • Medication reviews
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Coordination between providers
  • Evaluation of care plans
  • Referrals to Centers of Excellence

Mark Schlussel, CEO Curus adds, “Linking Curus Critical Case Management with Engagement Health’s programs of continuous health improvement provides a unique solution for companies to ensure their employees achieve the highest level of wellness available.”

About Engagement Health Group 
Engagement Health Group (EHG) is a family of health and well-being companies serving employers across the country, from those looking to provide compelling resources for interested members, to those looking to engage the entire population in effective risk management. EHG drives much higher-than-industry engagement and satisfaction, helping to cultivate workplaces that value optimal health and well-being for their members. Besides providing excellent health promotion, EHG features behavioral health coaching and clinically based guidance that integrates medical and pharmacy claims data, along with biometric health screening data, to deploy highly engaging and effective health and well-being programs tailored to the unique culture of each client. 

About Curus 
Curus is a health management company specializing in the most at-risk segment of the employee population. With its team of physicians, nurses, researchers, clinical pharmacists, personal health concierges, medical billers, and other knowledgeable health care experts, Curus is able to engage with employees and guide them through the most difficult healthcare challenges often left unaddressed by other wellness programs.

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